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Last night was another meal made from goodies we picked up at Trader Joes! Whole wheat Gnocchi, three cheese pasta sauce, and a french baguette (which was also used last night with our roasted red pepper artichoke tapenade).

This meal was simple and both the Gnocchi and the pasta sauce were delicious. I almost wish we hadn’t stopped at Trader Joes because now I’m going to be even more sad that we don’t have one close to us 😦 I definitely have the Trader Joes blues.

We have been loving eating outside in the beautiful weather PA has been having lately. Our pretty flower are even starting to bloom!

Maci is still a bit timid in our backyard. She doesn’t quite know what to do. We keep a leash on her, however, just in case she gets freaked out and runs out of our backyard. Which she actually did the other day. Luckily Jeremy was able to catch her before she ran out into the street!

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Quinoa deliciousness

Oh hello friends! I hope you didnt forget about me! Its been 2 weeks! Even though I have not been blogging for that long, it is still weird to not have posted in so long. I wish I could say its because I was on an amazing around the world vacation, but I was actually just hanging around home staring at lots of stuff that looks like this:

I know you are all insanely jealous.

I actually dont have any exams this week! Yay! So I was able to try a new dish tonight… and let me tell you. It was Ah-mazing! When I saw this Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna, I knew I had to give it a try. It completely exceeded my expectations. Please go make it now!

The Quinoa was creamy and delicious, the zucchini tender but with a nice bite to it. As you can see, mine did not hold up as well as Mama Peas did, but who cares? This was bangin! This is definitely going into the rotation!

Yes, those biscuits are what you think they are. Amazing cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster. We went there last night to celebrate my brother-in-law’s bday. In my opinion, the biscuits are one of the only reasons to go to Red Lobster.

Dessert was Easter Candy!!

In other news, Maci got swallowed by the couch

But then she realized that it was comfy and decided to take a nap

Summer countdown: 2 weeks of classes, 1 week of finals!

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I’ve been dying to try Skinny Girl Margaritas for a while now, but every time I’ve ever looked for it at the liquor store, its always been out! Last night I was having a girls night with two of my oldest friends and was determined to find it. It took a few stops at various liquor stores to finally find it. I bought two bottles since I wasn’t sure if I would ever find it again! Jeremy and I enjoyed the first bottle on friday night, and the second was for girls night! I liked it, but it definitely doesnt taste exactly like a standard margarita, but I probably should not have expected it to. I will definitely buy it again, if I can ever find it again!

Girls night was super fun and I stayed up longer than I have in a while. Which led to a very tired Jess today. I should have  spent at least a little time studying this afternoon, but I just didnt feel like it! Its been a few weeks since I’ve had a weekend day when I didnt study at all. So, I definitely needed the break today.

So, instead, I planted flowers! Yay! It was such a nice day! Still a little cold, but sunny and beautiful. I needed the vitamin D.

Pansies always remind me of Alice in Wonderland 🙂

A few weeks ago, Jeremy and I purchased new patio furniture. I can’t wait to eat dinner outside all the time this summer!

Today is Sunday, and you know what that means! Homemade pizza and movie night! Today I made my favorite, pesto pizza. However, I decided to put some goat cheese on it and added a balsalmic reduction to give it a bit of sweetness. I also tried a new pizza dough recipe. I was a little worried about it, but the pizzas turned out really good!

Now its off to get ready for another week! Summer countdown: 4 weeks of classes, 1 week of finals.

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Last night we had the amazing opportunity to sample the brand new menu at the very exclusive members only Hamilton Club in Lancaster City. One of our friends helped with the clubs bar redesign and last night was their soft-soft opening (aka, the opening before the soft opening). It was so fun to get all dolled up! We totally felt like VIPs!

I was in desperate need of some new black heels. My old pair was, well, very old and not cute any longer. So I headed to the mall yesterday and came home with what may, or may not, be considered stripper heels.

We were given 5 or 6 appetizers, 5-7 main dishes, and 3 desserts to share as a table and taste. It was so fun! I wasn’t able to get pictures of all the dishes, but here is a sampling:

These raviolis were AMAZING! They were stuffed with cheese, and that is a walnut pesto topping with a balsalmic reduction. They were definitely one of my favorite things of the night!

Another favorite of mine were these little dumplings. SO GOOD! Shrimp is not my favorite, so I passed on those guys.

Beef Carpachio. This was also really good. The texture was a little hard for me to handle.  Those are all the picture I managed to get of the food. It was such a fun night and something that we will probably never get the opportunity to do again!

Today has been a typical Sunday: Studying, making foodz, and movie night!

Lunch was leftover pizza from Friday night and sweet potato fries!

Dinner tonight was vegetarian chili and caramelized onion goat cheese cornbread. Aka, DELICIOUSNESS, and the best cornbread I have every made!

I was really excited to use my new cast iron skillet, which is basically the entire reason I chose to make this for dinner tonight. I really cant rave enough about this cornbread. I was surprised, however, that the goat cheese flavor didn’t come through more. I would never have known there was any in it if I have not put it in myself.

Has anyone been watching America’s Next Great Restaurant? Jeremy and I watched the first two episodes today. I can already tell I’m definitely going to really enjoy the show. The ComplEat restaurant concept is my favorite so far. I love the saucy ball guy too! I love TV shows about food!


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Saturday Cookie Flop


Still tasty, though!

Happy Saturday!

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Today was a pretty standard thursday. I hung out at work. Then came home. Made myself a cocktail. Went to our friendly neighborhood grill and bar. Got one of these babies (veggie pizza):

Hung out with friends. Came home and am now hanging out until I go to bed early to get up early for the gym!!

I’ve always thought that Thursdays are the best day of the week. They are on the cusp of the weekend, I feel like you can literally feel the excitement of the fact that tomorrow is friday, which means the weekend is almost here, which is the best thing ever! Yay! Happy Thursday!

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I woke up this morning very excited about what I had planned in the kitchen for the day. I started the morning with my standard breakfast enhanced with STRAWBERRIES!! One of the things I love most about summer is berries and I cant wait until they are in season! These berries were good, but nothing like fresh strawberries in the summer.

After breakfast I got started on my first feat in the kitchen. Homemade GOLDFISH CRACKERS from Smitten Kitchen. When this recipe was posted last week, I lost it. Goldfish crackers are my FAVORITE. I never buy them becuase they are pretty bad for you, but my mom knows I love them so she always buys them for when I go home and… I mean… if they are there… I cant help but eat one… or two… or the whole bag. So I’ve been wishing for a recipe for a healthier homemade version and could not have been more excited when Deb posted the recipe.They are whole wheat too. WIN!

I’m verry happy to say that my experience making these crackers was a complete SUCCESS!! They turned out sooo good. The taste was  a bit closer to Cheez-its in my opinion, but I also love Cheez-its, so I was completely fine with it. These crackers are nice and cheddary with a nice hint of butter flavor. They were pretty easy too! I just shredded my cheddar in my food processor, dumped in the rest of the ingredients, and processed until a ball formed, rolled out the ball, cut into sqaures (I’m def. not spending $8 on a cute little fish cookie cutter), and baked for 15 minutes. AMAZING! I’ll def. be making these again!

CHEEEESE! this was also the first time I used my food processor to shred  cheese. It worked great!

YUM!! I feel like this picture definitely doesn’t portray how delicious these crackers were.

The rest of the morning, and a most of the afternoon was spent studying with a short bread for an OnDemand Jillian Michaels workout.

Then I settled in to make dinner, which was homemade sweet potato gnocchi. This was my first time making my own Gnocchi. I was not super excited about the results which is probably becuase i didnt really know what I was doing. I think I added too much flour, so they were a bit more dense then I would have liked. The sweet potato flavor didnt really come through like I had hoped. SOOO dinner was a bit of a flop. Although Jeremy really liked them.

Sometimes the kitten thinks she is people and sits at the table with us. We allow it cause shes cute.

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